‘World’s Smallest iMac’ Build Video is Charming and Downright Impressive

The Apple company is known for its minimalistic design language, and products like iMac are a standing testimony. Most of us would agree that iMac looks sleek and premium despite being due for a design overhaul. Engineer/Designer Micheal Pick has shrunk the iMac, and it looks charming.

Pick’s YouTube video walks us through the journey of making the “world’s smallest iMac.” The detailed video includes every intrinsic process that goes into making this iMac. Interestingly, the iMac is powered by Raspberry Pi and as a result, its very thin. And if you are wondering how small the iMac is then the Redbull can in the video is helpful. Pick begins by using 3D modelling tools. Later he uses 3D printers to give shape to his idea. It’s fascinating to watch how the 3D printer carves out iMac parts.

World’s smallest iMac build! In this build, I design and 3D print a miniature iMac. I begin by gently modifying/cutting a Raspberry Pi 4 with my Dremel to fit inside my ultra-slim iMac case.I then paint, prime, and assemble my mini iMac and finally benchmark it by playing Minecraft.

Once the bezels are ready, the Raspberry is glued to a display while the board is screwed together. Pick reduces the size of iMac by getting rid of Ethernet and two USB drives. After tinkering around for a bit, Pick applies silver paint and lets the iMac bezel, rear cover and stand dry. Lastly, he slaps the Apple logo, and now the miniature iMac starts resembling an actual iMac.

Were you impressed by the build? Well, Pick says that he is building more mini computers and will upload similar videos once the build finishes. As an Apple user, the miniature iMac build is downright impressive and more so if you are an Engineer or a Designer.

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