Why is Apple Card only available in US?

The reason why Apple card is only available in US could be because Apple is a US based company and the bank who issues the Apple card is Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake City, Utah. They must have wanted it to be a perk for their US customers. Some companies offer special perks to customers in their home country that they don’t make available world wide.

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Acccording to Devona Dockery, he said “I am a big fan of British TV shows, yet I live in the US. ITV network makes shows on its website only available in the UK, yet it’s website is accessible all over the globe. I am only allowed to read the content. When I try to play one of the shows, it denies access because it detects that my computer address is in the US. So I don’t get to watch their shows simply because I am not in the UK.

They’re not going to change the policy because I complain. So my options are to do without it or move to the UK. It’s the same for the Apple card. If foreigners want to apply for it, they can come to the US.”

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Author: Uwem Usen

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