What the Kids of the Most Famous Fictional Couples Would Look Like

According to statistics, the average person in the US spends more than 4 hours watching TV every day. No wonder we fall in love with movie couples and empathize with them so much. Many of us are likely “happily ever after” fans, who want our favorite on-screen couples to overcome all their obstacles, get married, and have kids.

In simple fantasy, this is how the children of the most famous fictional couples would look if they actually existed.

1. Rachel and Ross — Friends

2. Jack and Rose — Titanic

3. Ron and Hermione — Harry Potter

4. Edward and Vivian — Pretty Woman

5. Johnny and Baby — Dirty Dancing

6. Steve Trevor and Diana — Wonder Woman

7. Allie and Noah — The Notebook

8. Sheldon and Amy — The Big Bang Theory

9. William Turner and Elizabeth Swann — Pirates of the Caribbean

10. Jim and Pam — The Office

11. Miles and Marilyn — Intolerable Cruelty

12. Gerry and Holly — P.S. I love You

13. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy — Spider-Man 2

14. Sebastian and Mia — La La Land

15. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen — Game of Thrones

16. Dominic and Letty — Fast and Furious

What movie couple has the strongest feelings in your opinion? What’s your favorite on-screen love story?

Reference: brightside.me

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