Tim Cook’s Response to the Customer Whose Life Was Saved by Apple Watch

Tim Cook’s Response to the Customer Whose Life Was Saved by Apple Watch

Apple introduced the ECG feature in the Apple Watch with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4. We often hear stories from people how this ECG feature on their Apple Watch saved their lives. Today, we have one more story, and this one got a reply from Tim Cook.

According to the report from Apple Insider, an Apple Watch user, Raymond, “felt strange” one evening. So, he used the ECG feature on his Apple Watch to check for any abnormality. He also used his wife’s Apple Watch to check for any heart condition. Raymond’s and his wife’s Apple Watch detected a total of four AFib (atrial fibrillation) conditions.

Raymond visited a hospital to verify the situation. He told the hospital that he is feeling “a fluttering in my chest.” After taking four separate readings, the hospital confirmed that he was indeed going through an AFib condition. Raymond reveals that he had visited the same hospital earlier, and got himself checked, but he was cleared as his cardiac angiogram and stress test didn’t detect any abnormality with his heart.

Pleased with Apple Watch’s ECG feature, Raymond emailed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, thanking him “for bringing the Apple Watch to market.” In the email, he also said that he will make sure that everyone that he cares about has an Apple Watch. While he wasn’t expecting a reply from Tim Cook, he, fortunately, received one. Tim Cook replied to Raymond thanking him for sharing his story and said “it inspires us to keep pushing forward.”

Email coversation between Apple Watch owner, Raymond, and Tim Cook

The ECG feature on the Apple Watch isn’t the only life-saving feature. It also comes with a fall detection feature, and there are numerous stories on the internet about how the fall detection feature has saved people’s lives.

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Do you own an Apple Watch Series 4 or a newer iteration of the wearable? If yes, have you found the ECG and the fall detection features of the smartwatch useful or life-saving? Do let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Apple Insider]

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