This Stunning Slow-Mo Video Shows Apple Watch Spitting Out Water from Its Speakers

This Stunning Slow-Mo Video Shows Apple Watch Spitting Out Water from Its Speakers

It is often so fascinating Watching somethings in slow-mo. The Slow-Mo Guys YouTube channel is fully dedicated to capturing all amazing things in slow-mo. They have uploaded a new video that shows how Apple Watch ejects water from its speakers in slow-mo.

For the uninitiated, Apple Watch comes with a Water Lock feature. This is automatically activated when you are recording a Pool Swim via the Workout app. In other cases, the option needs to be turned on manually. After your turn off the lock, Apple Watch uses its speakers to eject water and protect its innards. Furthermore, the slow-mo video helps you realize the genius behind the water ejection system on Apple Watch.

Gav goes for a swim and shows off the interesting method in which you can get out of the water and immediately hear your sound alerts on the Apple Watch.

The slow-mo offers a closer look at how Apple Watch ejects water from the speakers. The sound appears to be pulsating and it takes 10 cycles to completely drain out the water. As Gav from Slow-Mo Guys points out, after a couple of cycle water gets trapped on the speaker grill. When this happens, the system pauses for a while and pushes out the water once it is accumulated in a large quantity. Additionally, the surface tension will further aid in the removal of water.

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The Water Lock feature is found on Apple Watch 3 and newer models. Apple has created this mode to make the watch suitable for swimming. In Water Lock mode, the capacitive touch screen on Apple Watch is locked.


The capacitive screens on the Apple Watch function by detecting the electrostatic field created by your conducive finger. Typically, pool water contains dissolved ions that can simulate touch. In other words, the Water Lock feature on Apple Watch prevents accidental touch during swimming and water entry.

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