These Stunning Photos Were Shot on iPhone, Including the 10-year Old iPhone 4

These Stunning Photos Were Shot on iPhone, Including the 10-year Old iPhone 4

The results of the 2020 iPhone Photography Awards have been announced which showcase the excellent imaging capabilities of the iPhone. One would think that most of the winning entries would have been taken from an iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, but that’s actually not the case. In fact, one of the winning photos was shot from an iPhone 4.

The iPhone Photography Awards started 13 years ago as a hobby by Kenan Aktulun, and it has now become a prestigious award to win among iPhone photographers. The Grand Prize Winner and the Photographer of the Year Award went to Dimpy Bhalotia for her Flying Boys photo in which three boys jump from a wall into the Ganges River in India. The photo was shot by Dimpy using her iPhone X.

‘Flying Boys’ by Dimpy Bhalotia

The first place went to Artyom Baryshau from Belarus for No Walls which was shot using an iPhone 6.

‘No Walls’ shot by Artyom Baryshau

The second place went to Geli Zhao of China who took the Untitled photo below using an iPhone XS Max.

‘Untitled’ by Geli Zhao

Additionally, there were top-three winners in 18 other categories that were selected from Australia, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. You can find the complete set of winners and the winning photographs here.

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The above photos show that you don’t always need the greatest and the latest iPhone to capture a stunning photo. With the right skill, one can even use a 10-year old iPhone like the iPhone 4 to capture stunning photos. It is due to the excellent imaging performance of the iPhone and what people do with it that has led to a rise in the popularity of the iPhone Photography Awards.

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