The iPhone Keyboard Has this Very Annoying Bug

The iPhone Keyboard Has this Very Annoying Bug

With every new version of iOS, Apple aims to make the default keyboard experience on the iPhone even better. This is particularly important since third-party keyboards don’t necessarily work well on iOS. However, despite all these years of improvements, there’s still an annoying bug with the stock iPhone keyboard.

For some reason, the keyboard has a tendency to randomly insert capitalized words or capitalize the first alphabet of a word despite not suggesting it. This is an extremely annoying bug and so far, the only solution I have found for this is to reset the keyboard dictionary. However, this is a cumbersome fix as this means the keyboard will forget all the other words that it had learned over the last few months or weeks.

iPhone keyboard bug

On third-party keyboards, I can always long-press on a word and delete it from the dictionary but that is not possible with the stock iPhone keyboard. The only other option I have is to set up a text replacement that changes the word “Super” to “super” but this would put me in a fix if I ever actually want to write “Super” somewhere. And even then, the solution to this problem should not be this complex in this day and age and for a mobile operating system that has been around for well over a decade now.


The only other solution to this problem is that I end up switching to a third-party keyboard like SwiftKey or Gboard, but the experience they offer is notably inferior to that of the stock iPhone keyboard.

Do you face a similar issue with the stock iPhone or iPad keyboard on your device? If so, have you done anything about it? Drop a comment and let us know

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