The Classic iPod-Style Web Music Player Lets You Stream Music from Spotify and Apple Music

The Classic iPod-Style Web Music Player Lets You Stream Music from Spotify and Apple Music

Apple disrupted the music industry with the iPod. For the first time, users could store “thousand songs” in their pockets. iPod’s iconic click wheel lets users navigate with relative ease and offered better playback control. The rise in the use of the iPhone and smartphone has made the iPod become obsolete. Meanwhile, Software developer Tanner Villarete has cashed in on the iPod nostalgia and introduced a web app music player.

The virtual iPod web app adds Spotify and Apple Music support. You can sign in on Spotify or Apple Music and access all the features, including your playlists and library. I loved toying with the click wheel and listen to a couple of tracks on Apple Music. Despite being obsolete, the click wheel still makes a lot of sense for playback control. The iPod web app works best on an iPhone or iPad due to the touchscreen. Dragging the click wheel on a desktop using a mouse is pretty lame and ruins the experience.

The virtual click wheel lets you select and listen to your favorite artists. In addition, iPod’s classic Cover Flow interface lets you jump across album covers like a pro. The web app also packs in iPod’s built-in Brick Breaker game. For those wanting to get into specifics, here is the GitHub link.

Apple pulled the plug off the classic iPod in 2014 and currently sells the iPod touch. The current-generation iPod touch lacks cellular connectivity, biometric authentication and is an outdated device. The Cupertino-based tech giant recently announced lossless audio on Apple Music. We hope Apple doesn’t completely kill the iPod project. Perhaps they could come up with a modern iPod Hi-Res player with the latest connectivity features, Apple Music, and Spotify support.

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