TestFlight App For iOS Gets New Icon And Bug Fixes

TestFlight App For iOS Gets New Icon And Bug Fixes

The TestFlight is an app from Apple that developers use to push beta versions of an app to testers, media, and other such parties. The TestFlight app was last updated on 11th December 2019 to version 2.6.0. This version had brought with it stability improvements and bug fixes. Today, Apple has once again updated the TestFlight app, to version 2.7.0.

Just like the last update, the 2.7.0 version of the TestFlight app brings with it stability improvements and bug fixes. At least that’s what the changelog says. We have to wait for reports from developers themselves to see if the new app brings any other updates apart from what the changelog reveals. Speaking of, one update that the changelog of the TestFlight app 2.7.0 doesn’t mention is that this new version of the app comes with an all-new icon. Have a look at the feature image of this article for a comparison between the old and new icons (To the left is the old icon and to the right is the new icon).

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The last major update that the TestFlight app had received was on 23rd September 2019, with version 2.5.0. This update had brought with it the Dark Mode, which is a boon in low-light environments, as it doesn’t stress your eyes as much. For those who don’t know, the TestFlight app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Usually, tech companies don’t pay much attention to apps like the TestFlight, which are used by developers, mainly because these types of apps don’t impact the end-users. However, Apple, being a brand that not only focuses on the experience of end-users but also on the experience of developers, offers timely updates to apps used by developers as well. That should be an inspiration for other brands.

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