T-Mobile’s Latest Plan Offers Four Unlimited 5G Lines for $100/Month

T-Mobile’s Latest Plan Offers Four Unlimited 5G Lines for $100/Month

T-Mobile completed its acquisition of Sprint earlier this year. Now, the Un-carrier is getting around to announcing its first unified plan for Sprint and T-Mobile customers. Under its latest plan, T-Mobile is offering four lines of unlimited data for $100/month to customers if they enable autopay. And this includes 5G connectivity as well.

So, for only $25/month, T-Mobile is offering customers unlimited 5G connectivity. If you don’t want to enable autopay, you will end up paying $5/month more per line. This is a great deal, especially for families, though it does not include taxes so you are going to pay a bit more than $100 every month. This plan will only be available for a limited time starting July 24th though.

Like with deals that sound too good to be true, there are a few issues here as well. Firstly, you will be limited to streaming content in SD quality on mobile data. To stream content in HD, you must connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. Then, there’s also the fact that after 50GB of data usage, T-Mobile can throttle the download speeds to reduce network congestion. These limitations are there because the plan is a part of T-Mobile Essentials. The bigger issue is that T-Mobile claims its Essentials customers can see slower mobile data speeds than customers on other plans at any time due to “data prioritization.”

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T-Mobile also announced that all of its existing customers and Sprint customers will start seeing the new unified branding from August 2nd. Sprint retail stores across the United States will also switch over to T-Mobile branding on the same day. T-Mobile also recently announced ScamShield in a bid to reduce and block spam and robocalls.

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