Snapchat Launches Redesigned iPhone App with New Action Bar, Happening Now Banner

Snapchat Launches Redesigned iPhone App with New Action Bar, Happening Now Banner

Snapchat was among the hardest apps to navigate and use when it was first released a few years ago. However, the company made consistent improvements to the app’s UI and design. It has been testing a brand new design since earlier this year, and it has been formally announced today.

During the Snap Partner Summit, the company unveiled its redesigned app, which now features a bottom bar, just like many other iOS apps. However, the company is calling it an Action Bar because items on the bottom bar change depending on what a user is doing. The rethought action bar makes it easier for users to visit Snap Maps and Snap Originals sections.

New Action Bar

The app still welcomes you via the Snap section, where you can start capturing images or short videos and send them to friends or feature them in your stories. The Chat section is where you can find conversations with your friends. The Stories section is where you can find your friends’ stories and suggested content from creators and publishers.

At the far left of the Action Bar is the new Snap Map section. You can find your friend’s location, customize your Bitmoji, and search for nearby events or places. At the far right, you would find the Discover section where you can see trending content, your subscriptions, and Snap Originals (the company’s original content). There’s also a Happening Now banner that’s a sort of news aggregator.

Snap Maps

Snapchat Redesign 2020 Snap Map Final Local Businesses

The company is turning Snap Maps into a competition to Google Maps. You can view your friend’s location in real-time and see popular places to see what’s happening around you. The app shows what’s popular around you based on Our Stories.

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When you click on a place, like a restaurant, you can see its images and videos that are posted by the community, see the ratings, directions to the location, stories published by the restaurant, timings, phone number, and the restaurant’s website. You can even order food from the restaurant via third-party services such as Door Dash, Grub Hub, Postmates, and Uber Eats.

Discover & Happening Now

Snapchat Redesign 2020 Happening Now Banner

The Discover section is also getting a new design with the app’s latest version. The company is turning it into a news aggregator with a twist. At the top of the Discover section, you can see trending events across entertainment, local, politics, sports, world, and more under the Happening Now banner.

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While news publishers already have their own stories on Snapchat, the company will compile stories from its partners such as Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News, ESPN, E! News, NBC News, Now This, Reuters, and The Washington Post. When you click the banner, you can see aggregated news that’s compiled and organized into categories.

You can now also share Public Stories and match it with a location or an event. The company is also offering Topic Stickers that you can use while sharing stories. Right now, the redesigned Snapchat app is being rolled out to all users in the US. For people living outside of the US, the new Snapchat will be available only next year.

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