Signal Announces New Face Blurring Tool to Help U.S. Protesters Protect Their Identity

Signal Announces New Face Blurring Tool to Help U.S. Protesters Protect Their Identity

Technology plays a very important part in our lives and the same is being witnessed in protests across the U.S. George Floyd was killed by law enforcement on camera and this has lead to nationwide protests. Thankfully, tech companies are not sitting on the sidelines and chiming in with the protests. The privacy focused messaging tool Signal has now introduced a blur tool for iOS and Android.

Many people in the U.S are out on the streets to protest the killing of George Floyd. Apparently, the protests have caused a spike in Signal app usage. This is primarily due to the fact that Signal offers strong end-to-end encryption and is thus very difficult to intercept. Signal’s new Blur feature lets you blur your face or draw a fuzzy trace if you want to erase something personal. The update is already submitted to the App Store and will soon start rolling out.

At Signal, we support the people who have gone into the streets to make their voices heard. We believe that something in America needs to change, and even if we don’t know exactly how, we support and trust in the people who are self-organizing around the country to figure it out.-Signal

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Signal is currently busy handling traffic spike and in the meantime also working on new features that would help protestors on the street. Signal’s Face blur feature makes use of system and platform-level libraries. In other words, the picture is processed locally and thus is better for privacy.  You will also be able to manually blur areas of the photo.

Free Face Coverings for Signal Users

Signal is also working on a face covering that will be offered for free for its users. The app maker is currently “working to find a manufacturer capable of producing high volumes of face coverings in the current circumstances.” It is good to see tech companies coming out in the open and siding with the protests. On a related note, the Apple website has gone black with Tim Cook’s message on racism.

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