Should You Install iOS 14 Beta Right Now?

Should You Install iOS 14 Beta Right Now?

Apple today released the first beta of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. The beta builds are primarily meant for developers, though there is a workaround for people looking to install it on their iPhone or iPad right away. If you are considering installing the iOS 14 beta on your iPhone, you should probably think again. There are quite a few reasons as to why you should avoid installing any of the beta builds released by Apple for now.

Compared to iOS 13, iOS 14 does not seem like a major update. Apple has focused more on usability improvements rather than adding new features. Still, some of the new features like the improved Safari browsing experience, new Home screen features, etc. are tempting and could lead many to install iOS 14 on their iPhone despite its beta tag. This, however, will not be a good decision. Why? Read below.

Reasons to Not Install iOS 14 Beta on Your iPhone Right Now

No Jailbreak

Despite all the security improvements that Apple introduced in iOS 13, there were quite a few jailbreak tools available for the OS. In fact, you can still jailbreak iOS 13.5 which is pretty much the latest release of the OS from Apple packing all the new features and improvements that the company was forced to introduce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If your iPhone is running iOS 13.5 and jailbroken, you should definitely not install the iOS 14 beta on it. This is because Apple is no longer signing iOS 13.5 so you won’t be able to downgrade your device back to it after trying out iOS 14. The new features in iOS 14 might be tempting, but they are mostly in a buggy state right now and definitely not worth giving up on some useful jailbreak tweaks.

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This one goes without saying. We are still talking about the first beta of iOS 14 which means there are going to be quite a few bugs and compatibility issues. Even if the OS itself does not have many bugs, you are likely to run into issues with third-party apps. So, unless and until you have a spare iPhone or don’t use your iPhone as a daily driver and don’t rely much on apps, you should avoid installing iOS 14 on your iPhone for now.

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Messy Installation Process

Apple has only released the first developer beta of iOS 14. The public beta program for the OS is still a couple of weeks away at best. Installing the developer beta of iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 on your iPhone/iPad is not as simple as installing the public beta. The entire process is slightly messy and requires one to have access to a Developer Account. So if you are not the tech-savvy type, this should be a good enough deterrent for you to stay away from the beta for now.

Lack of Major New Features

iOS 14 is an ‘s’ release meaning it does not contain any major new features. Apart from the revamped home screen experience, iOS 14 features are primarily meant to improve usability. None of the features are really big or tempting enough to make one go through the hassle of installing the iOS 14 developer beta on their iPhone.

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