PUBG Mobile Gets Livik, a Small Map Designed for Quicker Matches

PUBG Mobile Gets Livik, a Small Map Designed for Quicker Matches

Apple claims that the move to its own Apple Silicon will lead to a number of benefits in future Macs. Among them, the company noted in one of its developer-oriented presentations at WWDC 2020, is that the startup manager in macOS will be integrated with the boot process thereby ensuring that users will no longer have to press various key combinations during the boot process for booting into recovery mode, resetting the SMC, and more. The entire process will be much more streamlined.

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Pressing the power button on Apple Silicon-based Macs will bring a new macOS Recovery options screen from where users will be able to change the various OS security settings, choose a startup disk, share the disk of their Mac with another computer, and more. The new boot process will be similar to the secure boot process in iOS, but with additions and enhancements required for Macs. This includes support for booting from different boot drives, macOS Recovery, and more.

Apple is also retiring Target Disk Mode with a new Mac Sharing mode. This will turn your Mac into a SMB file server so that other Macs can then access the content stored on it. Another major change is the option to set different security mode for different boot drives. There will be two security modes: full and reduced. The latter will allow users to boot into any supported macOS version even after Apple stops signing it. The reduced security mode can also be used when an app or an accessory requires a third-party kernel extension to work.

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There will be a new System Recovery partition in Apple Silicon Macs as well which will offer a barebones version of macOS that can be used to reinstall the OS as well as the recovery itself.

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