Popular iPad Image Editing App Pixelmator Photo Comes to the iPhone

Today, Pixelmator announced that its popular photo editing app for iPad, Pixelmator Photo, is now available for the iPhone. The app brings 30 desktop-class color adjustments, support for 600+ RAW image formats, integration with iCloud and the Photos app, and image enhancement reliant on a machine learning algorithm trained using 20 million pro photos.

You get all the features you would expect from a feature-rich photo editing application, such as presets, color adjustment, cropping, resizing, rotating, histograms, etc. The app also allows you to edit images from a single photoshoot at once by copy-pasting edits between photos. It also has a split comparison view so you can view the before and after of your edits seamlessly.

Advanced tools such as non-destructive color adjustment, object removal, image enhancement using machine learning, photo upscaling, and Apple’s Core ML-powered image denoising are also available. Moreover, Apple ProRAW format is also supported.

Pixelmator also saves individual edits in a timeline of sorts, so you can make changes after progressing ahead or revert the changes if required. Because these changes are non-destructive, your original image will remain unchanged if you roll back all your edits.

Pixelmator is now available for all iPhones running iOS 14 or newer. If you already own Pixelmator Photo on the iPad, you can download the iPhone version of the app for free. Otherwise, you can buy the app for a discounted price of $99 for a limited time. The app’s regular pricing is $7.99.

➤ Download – Pixelmator

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