New iOS 14 Feature Notifies iPhone Users of Sounds like Siren, Doorbell and Alarms

New iOS 14 Feature Notifies iPhone Users of Sounds like Siren, Doorbell and Alarms

Apple pulled the wraps from iOS 14 at the WWDC keynote held yesterday. The latest iOS 14 comes with a slew of new features like widget support on Homescreen. A Redditor has spotted yet another nifty feature on iOS 14. The new feature is designed to help deaf or people hard of hearing.

Once the feature is turned on, the iPhone mic will actively listen for 14 sounds like the doorbell, sirens, baby crying, smoke detectors, etc. After detecting the sound, a notification will be beamed on the iPhone. The new feature can be found in the iOS accessibility menu. Once activated you will be able to quickly access the feature in Control Center. You can also choose which type of sounds should trigger an alert. Please note that the feature is currently in beta and might not work flawlessly.

Apple has also put up a disclaimer that says “sound Recognition should not be relied upon on in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in high-risk or emergency situations, or for navigation.” In other words, it is not advised to completely rely on sound recognition features, especially in cases where you might get injured.

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Currently, the Accessibility feature is present only on iOS 14. It is very likely that Apple will extend the feature to other devices like HomePod. Just imaging HomePod alerting users if the baby is crying or someone has broken into your house. We feel the use cases will go beyond accessibility and we might see new features based on sound detection.

Amazon and Google devices already use AI-backed sound recognition technology for safety purposes. For instance, an Echo speaker can be set to detect the sound of broken glass or alarm. Meanwhile, Google makes use of the Pixel microphone on its latest car crash-detection feature.

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