MacBook with Custom Arm Processor Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

MacBook with Custom Arm Processor Could Be Coming Sooner Than Expected

At this point, its no secret that Apple is working on an ArmMacBook which rumors point will launch in 2021. However, as per leaker @choco_bit, we might see the first Arm-based MacBook from Apple sooner than expected.

His tweet does not provide any other details as to when Apple could get around to actually announcing the Arm MacBook and whether he means it this year or next. Nonetheless, leaks surrounding the Arm-based MacBooks have picked up steam pointing to its imminent announcement. It is possible that Apple could preview the Arm MacBook at WWDC this year or later this year and then launch it next year.

Reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed back in March that a MacBook with custom Arm processor could launch in late 2020 or early 2021.

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A Bloomberg report from late April had claimed that Apple would be using a 12-core Arm processor based on the 5nm fabrication node for the Arm MacBook. The chip will comprise of eight high-performance cores codenamed ‘Firestorm.’ This will be paired with four energy-efficient ‘Icestorm’ cores. The processor would be based on the A14 chip that will be found inside the iPhone 12 lineup, though it would be noticeably faster.

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