Mac OS 8 Ported as an Electron App That You Can Run on Your PC

Mac OS 8 Ported as an Electron App That You Can Run on Your PC

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created an app written entirely in JavaScript that replicates the 1991 Mactinosh Quadra experience and runs Mac OS 8.1. The app has been packaged using Electron, so it works on all major platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The developer does note that one should keep their expectations in check since the entire thing is written in JavaScript and because the virtual machine is emulating the 1991 Macintosh Quadra 900 featuring a Motorola CPU. The good thing is that you can run some of the popular games of that era like ‘Duke Nukem 3D,’ ‘Alley 19 Bowling,’ ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ etc as well. All these games are preloaded and were sourced by the developer from an old MacWorld demo CD of 1997. Some classic apps that are pre-installed include Photoshop 3, Premiere 4, Apple’s Web Page Construction Kit, and more.

While Internet Explorer and Netscape are pre-installed as well, you can’t use it to even open Google because of just how different the internet was back then. It is quite impressive to see an entire Mac OS experience from nearly three decades ago being ported to run on modern machines purely using JavaScript. If anything, this shows just how far technology has come in 30 years.

The entire package is only around 250MB in size, and if interested, you can download macintosh.js from here to try it out on your PC.

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Author: Uwem Usen

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