Mac Mini DTK Kit with Apple Silicon Benchmarked in Geekbench Pro

Mac Mini DTK Kit with Apple Silicon Benchmarked in Geekbench Pro

Apple announced the transition to custom Apple Silicon processors for the Mac lineup at the WWDC. The company also unveiled a custom Mac Mini running A12Z processors, to help developers transition to the new platform.

Apple forbids developers from running benchmarks on the custom Mac Mini. However, the modified Mac Mini soon surfaced on the benchmark. Now a fresh set of benchmarks shows Mac Mini running benchmarks natively. The first benchmark featured Mac Mini DTK kit running on Rosetta 2 that seemingly utilized only four performance cores and not the four efficiency cores. The Rosetta platform is based on virtualization and thus is expected to slow down performance.

New Developer Transition Kit Benchmarks

The new benchmarks show Mac Mini DTK running Geekbench natively. In other words, the second set of benchmarks is more accurate and a better indicator of performance as there is no performance penalty due to virtualization. As expected, the latest benchmarks show a considerable increase in performance. The Mac Mini DTK scores 1098 in single-core and 4555 in multi-core. Previously, identical hardware running Rosetta scored 800 on the single-core test and 2600 on multi-core.

Mac Mini DTK Kit with Apple Silicon Benchmarked in Geekbench Pro

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The Developer Transition Kit is aimed at helping developers get onboard a new platform. The final version of Apple Silicon processors will undoubtedly be more powerful and will score better on benchmarks.

Porting iOS/iPadOS Apps on Mac

Apple has been working on unifying the iOS and Mac platforms from the past couple of years. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith says there are a “series of compatibility behaviors applied to iOS apps running unmodified on macOS.” According to Smith, developers can simply port an iOS app to macOS by ticking a checkbox and “nothing else.”

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Smith has put up screenshots of Overcast and Procreate to show the similarities between apps running on Mac and iOS/iPadOS.

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