Mac And Windows Users Allegedly Facing Issues With iCloud Login

Apple iCloud users are reportedly facing issues while logging into their accounts. iCloud users are not able to login to their accounts on both Windows and Mac. The login page repeatedly asks users to re-enter their password and locks them out of their accounts.

The bug prevents Mac users from accessing iCloud and also track their devices using the Find My feature. Whenever they try to login using Face ID or Touch ID via a web browser, the user is sent back to the password prompt.

Customers attempting to sign in to Apple’s iCloud on a Mac are being trapped in a sign-in loop that constantly requests they re-enter their password.

iCloud users are reporting the issue to Apple Support on Twitter.  Typically Apple’s System Status Page would tell us if there is an outage. However, the System Status Page is indicating that everything is normal with iCloud. Apart from Twitter, iCloud users are starting new threads describing the log in issue on community support forums. Interestingly, threads on the community forum indicate that the problem is not occurring on iOS.

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As expected, users have come up with workarounds. Some are suggesting that logging-out of iCloud and restarting the machine resolves the issue. At the same time, others are suggesting to use Apple mobile devices to access files on iCloud. According to some iCloud users, logging-out doesn’t resolve the issue. This is because the system kicks them out immediately after they are logged in. Interestingly, one of the users spoke with Apple executives, and they informed him that it is a technical issue with their servers. We hope that Apple addresses iCloud login issue at the earliest.

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