Leak: iPhone 12 Pro Unlikely to Come with 120Hz OLED Display

Leak: iPhone 12 Pro Unlikely to Come with 120Hz OLED Display

It is now looking increasingly unlikely that Apple will ship 120Hz OLED panels on its iPhone 12 Pro lineup. In the latest video on EverythingApplePro, the YouTuber claims that chances of 120Hz display making it on the iPhone 12 Pro are not “looking too good.”

The final decision on whether the iPhone 12 Pro will come with a 120Hz ProMotion display or not has been pushed back by a week. Right now, the iPhone 12 Pro Max display panel failed four tests, while the iPhone 12 Pro failed three out of a total of 20 tests. Aside from that, the R&D cost for implementing the panels would also be too higher. Due to this, the chances of the 120Hz panel making the cut for the iPhone 12 Pro are slim.

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It would definitely be a bummer if Apple does not end up shipping 120Hz OLED panels on at least the iPhone 12 Pro lineup since high refresh rate panels have become commonplace in flagship Android smartphones. More importantly, on iPhones, high refresh rate panels would have made a noticeable impact in terms of UI smoothness and interaction.

As for the iPhone 12 not coming with a charger in the box, Max Weinbach sources speculate that Apple will be bundling USB-A to Lightning cable instead of USB-C to Lightning. This is because users are more likely to have access to USB-A power adapters instead of USB-C ones. While this is true, the move would be a regression from the iPhone 11 Pro series which shipped with a USB-C to Lightning cable. It is possible that Apple only ends up removing the power adapter from the iPhone 12 models, while the iPhone 12 Pro variants will continue to ship with a USB-C to Lightning cable and charger in the box. This, however, is complete speculation and only time will tell if Apple ends up bundling USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning cables with its new iPhones.

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