Leak: iPhone 12 Could Come with a New Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

Leak: iPhone 12 Could Come with a New Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

A new rumor claims that the upcoming iPhone 12 could ship with a new braided USB-C to Lightning cable. The leakster @LoVetodream has shared multiple images of the braided USB-C to Lightning connector on Twitter.

The leaked image shows off a braided design as opposed to the non-fabric ones on the current iPhone/iPad cables. It also implies that Apple will continue using Lightning Connector on iPhone 12 despite some of the rumors that suggested otherwise. Currently, Apple offers USB-C to Lightning connector with iPhone 11 Pro models while the iPhone 11 gets a traditional USB-A To Lightning cable. However, Apple might bundle the braided lightning cable with all iPhone 12 models.

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Apple has always offered a non-fabric cable for its iPhones and iPads. However, it does offer a braided Thunderbold Pro cable, Lightning cable for the Mac Pro, and the HomePod power cable. Over the years, Apple users have constantly complained about how fragile the lightning connector is. Braided cables are considered to be extra durable and resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, replacement Lightning cables are not exactly cheap at $19, and perhaps a braided cable will help save some money.

Apple is reportedly not including wall-charger and EarPods in the iPhone 12. This particular move is likely to help Apple keep the increase in cost to a minimum. However, despite ditching wall charger and EarPods, the base iPhone 12 is expected to be $50 more expensive than the ongoing one. The exclusion of in-box accessories has sparked a debate and is likely to upset some. If Apple indeed offers the new braided USB-C to Lightning connector, then it might help to calm iPhone 12 users.

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How do you feel about giving up wall charger for a braided USB-C to Lightning cable? Let us know in the comments below.

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