iPhone 12 to Feature Magnets Inside Chassis for Auto Aligning Itself on Wireless Charger

iPhone 12 to Feature Magnets Inside Chassis for Auto Aligning Itself on Wireless Charger

A photo has leaked on Weibo which shows a circular array of magnets that will be found inside the iPhone 12’s chassis. The magnets will seemingly be used for mounting or charging purposes.

Another image circulating on Weibo and shared by YouTuber EverythingApplePro shows an iPhone 12 case with a similar circular arrangement of magnets. It is possible that Apple is including the magnets inside the iPhone and cases to allow the device to perfectly align itself on a wireless charging case. None of the other smartphone OEMs have used any similar techniques for aligning their device automatically to wireless chargers and it is likely that Apple will be the first company to debut something like this with the iPhone 12 lineup later this year. The company will also have to launch a wireless charger to go along with it as no existing wireless chargers in the market offer this functionality.

After the ill-fated AirPower got canceled, Apple never got around to releasing another wireless charger for its devices. However, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo did claim that the company is working on a wireless charging mat that could be released this year.

It is also possible that Apple could use these magnets to auto-align other devices on the rear glass of the iPhone 12 itself for reverse wireless charging. There were rumors of Apple including wireless reverse charging on the iPhone 11 lineup last year but the feature got shelved at the last minute.

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At this point, one can only speculate as to why Apple will be including magnets in a circular arrangement inside the iPhone 12 and its cases. It should, however, only be a matter of time before whatever surprise Apple has in store for us is leaked.

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone 12 models this year. The iPhone 12 models will feature a display size of 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch respectively, while the iPhone 12 Pro models will feature a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays. The company has already confirmed that the launch of the new iPhones will be delayed by a few weeks.

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