iPads With Fortnite Installed Are Being Sold At An Exorbitant Price

iPads With Fortnite Installed Are Being Sold At An Exorbitant Price

Epic Game’s standoff with Apple only seems to be escalating. On Thursday, Epic Games offered a direct payment method for Fortnite gamers, thus effectively circumventing App Store fees. Very soon, Apple retaliated and removed Fortnite from the App Store. Currently, iOS users will not be able to install Fortnite. However, those who have already installed can continue to enjoy the game.

People have taken advantage of the situation and are selling iPhones and iPad with Fortnite installed at higher prices. For instance, on eBay, a 64GB iPhone 11 with Fortnite installed is selling for north of  $1,300. Some have also resorted to asking a ransom of $10,000 for an iPhone X with Fortnite installed.

An iPad 7 owner has put up his device for sale at $900. Well, an iPad 7 has been discounted to $220 many times, and the owner is quoting $900 for a used iPad 7. As expected, the iPad 7 comes installed with Fortnite, and this is something that you cannot get on a new iPad. So if you have installed Fortnite on your Apple device, then perhaps now is the time to make a fortune.

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We feel it’s not wise to pay a premium and buy a used iPad or iPhone. For all you know, the game might be blocked from running on iOS altogether. Its a risky gamble and not worth paying big bucks. Furthermore, you will not be able to factory reset the iPad after buying it from eBay. Doing so would simply delete Fortnite.

Our View

It is very likely that Apple and Epic Games will soon resolve the issue. Paying big bucks for a used device is not something we recommend. Instead, you can spend the money on buying a new iPhone or buy an Xbox to play Fortnite. Lastly, if you already have Fortnite installed on your iPhone or iPad, make sure you don’t delete it!

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