iOS 16 Concept Envisions Interactive Widgets, Handoff with Siri, and More Coming to iPhone Next Year

Earlier this month, Apple uncovered iOS 15 with a bunch of new features. The iOS 15 will be available for the general public later this year. The Cupertino-based giant usually starts working on next year’s iOS right after the current version is launched. This implies the company could have already started putting things in proper stand for iOS 16. The latest concept includes several improvements that could make iOS 16 much better than iOS 15.

The concept will be presented in two parts. The first part will focus on Apple’s core features, while the next part will focus on Apple’s services and built-in apps.

Widgets Overhaul

Apple launched the much-needed widgets feature on iOS 14. However, Apple has made little to no changes for widgets on iOS 15. The concept reimagines interactive widgets that are easily resizable. For instance, interactive widgets will let you control HomeKit products and jump between the scenes without opening the app. Voice Memos could make for a handy widget that enables audio recording with a single tap.

HomePod before now supported the Handoff feature. It lets you move content between your iOS and HomePod. The concept showcases a feature that is a combination of Handoff and Siri. One could say, “Hey Siri, play this on my AirPods Max” and select output source. Next time you view a photo album on the Photos app, say, “Hey Siri, show these on TV.” This way, Siri will transfer the content to Apple TV, and you can continue viewing your photos.

App Library Dock

Without a doubt, App Library is one of the best features on iOS. However, you can access App Library by swiping to the home screen. The concept shows how Apple could add App Library to the dock so that you can access it from anywhere.

Focus Toggle on Homescreen

Focus is one of the essential iOS 15 components. Once activated, you will see a small icon below the clock on the lock screen. Furthermore, the feature can be accessed from Control Center. The iOS 16 concept suggests replacing the camera icon on the lock screen with a Focus Mode toggle. That being said, we still feel the camera shortcut on the lock screen makes more sense than Focus Toggle.

Easily accessible Background Sounds app

Apple’s background sounds feature is nested within settings and is not exactly easy to find. The iOS 16 concept suggests bringing background sounds app to the forefront. Background noise or white noise helps some people fall asleep faster and achieve a state of relaxation.

[via 9to5Mac]

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