iOS 15.3 Beta Leaks, Reveals Minor Changes and Bug Fixes

Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 for iPhone and iPad. However, just days afterward, an initial beta build of the upcoming iOS 15.3 has leaked. The leak reveals that Apple’s focus with the update will be on bug fixes, performance tweaks, and security enhancement, but not significant feature additions.

The upcoming point release build of iOS obtained by MacRumors shows that Apple has slightly reworded the new Child Safety feature details, made subtle tweaks to the Podcasts app, and modified text for automatic download of Apple News+ magazines. So, it is apparent that Apple’s upcoming iOS 15.3 beta build will only contain minor tweaks and no major feature updates.

If you missed it, Apple recently delayed Universal Control once again this month and now says the feature will be available in the Spring. Interestingly, the leaked iOS 15.3 beta build and the recently released macOS 12.2 beta lack Universal Control. The versatile feature is one of two features that were unveiled at WWDC in June but haven’t yet been publicly released. Universal Control allows you to use the same mouse and keyboard to control your Mac and iPad.

The other feature still amiss in iOS and iPadOS 15 (and all the point releases after that) is the ability to add ID cards and driver’s licenses to the Wallet app in participating states in the US. Apple claims that this feature will be available early next year.

From this leak, it appears that the iOS 15.3 update will be a minor point release with optimizations. However, iOS 15.4 could bring some new features. We are hopeful Universal Control is one of them because iOS 15.4 should release in the Spring, right when the Cupertino company has promised to release the feature.

Until iOS 15.3 beta makes an official debut, iOS 15.2 offers some new features to play around with, such as a new Notification Summary design, App Privacy Reports, Apple Music Voice Plan, and more.

[Via MacRumors]

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