iOS 15.2 vs iOS 15.1 Speed Test

Apple released iOS 15.2 to the masses in the second week of December. This point release brings significant bug fixes and some additional features such as the Apple Music Voice Plan, Macro control, bulk rename tags, and Legacy Contacts. Usually, the first few point releases pack some performance improvements as Apple squeezes it out by optimizing processes behind the scenes. So, does iOS 15.2 perform any better than iOS 15.1?

YouTuber iAppleBytes performed a detailed speed test for iOS 15.2 vs. iOS 15.1 on a bunch of older iPhones, including the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12.

In the speed test, the iOS 15.2 update was found to be “pretty fast” since performance has improved a wee bit compared to iOS 15.1, though the smoothness of the user interface remains unchanged. App launch speeds also seem to be about the same. Random instances of lag and stutter that many users were facing in iOS 15 and 15.1 seem to have been fixed. So, we suggest you upgrade to iOS 15.2 to enjoy the performance improvement.

The latest point release on older devices such as the iPhone SE/6S/7 exhibits some signs that your phone is aging and on its last legs. However, if you are a light user, the signs will be imperceptible, and you’ll get by just fine.

It is unlikely that future iOS 15 point releases will bring more performance gains. Apple now sticks to performance parameters and doesn’t change them after it was caught slowing down older iPhones in the interest of “prolonged life” in 2017 for which it was fined $27 million.

If you are not happy with the performance of your iPhone after installing iOS 15 – iOS 15.1, the iOS 15.2 update is unlikely to change that. You should consider resetting your iPhone and setting it up afresh since all the junk, and installed apps could be slowing it down. Another reason for the poor performance could be that your iPhone’s storage is filled to the brim. Follow our guide to free up space on your iPhone, which should help improve its performance. If that does not help, it might be time for a new iPhone.

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