iOS 14 Will Not Allow Advertisers to Track Users without Opt-In

iOS 14 Will Not Allow Advertisers to Track Users without Opt-In

Apple has added a slew of new privacy features for iOS 14. We have now learned that Apple is making it much more difficult for advertisers to track users by altering how IDFA (Identifiers for Advertisers) work.

Advertisement Identifier is a tag that is unique to each device. Advertisers will be able to use the tag without revealing user information. Starting with iOS 14, Apple has made IFDA opt-in for all apps, In other words, apps need to ask explicit permission from users every time it wants to access IFDA.

iOS 14 displays a pop-up that says “ “app name” would like permission to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies. Your data will be used to deliver personalized ads to you. Furthermore, the prompt is accompanied by two options “Allow Tracking” or “Ask App Not to Track.”

In a bid to improve users’ privacy on iOS 14, Apple has also added a new feature that allows users to share  “Approximate Location” instead of the exact location of an iPhone or iPad. Interestingly macOS Big Sur is also blocking Google Analytics on Safari.

iOS 14 users will be able to opt-out of advertising on individual apps. Previously, the option was buried deep into the Settings menu while iOS 14 brings it to the forefront. Apple announced iOS 14 at the WWDC keynote earlier this week. The latest iOS comes with loads of new features and the list includes security features as well. iOS 14 warns the users with an orange indicator if any of the apps are accessing microphone in the background and green if an app is accessing the front/rear camera.

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NOTE: Last year with iOS 13, Apple added new features that allowed users to control the amount of data shared with apps. Furthermore, a reminder for background location tracking was also added. Apparently a majority of iOS users opted out of location tracking and this ended up severely denting advertisers prospect.

Apple has done something very similar with iOS 14. Features like “Approximate Location,” the ability to opt-out of advertising might end up turning into advertisers’ nightmare. On the other hand, the new features will help iOS users to have more control over data being shared with advertisers. Want to know more about iOS 14? Check out all the cool new iOS 14 features.

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