iOS 14 Beta 1 vs iOS 13.5.1 Speed Test

iOS 14 Beta 1 vs iOS 13.5.1 Speed Test

Apple was quick to release the first beta of iOS 14 for developers after the opening keynote of WWDC 2020 ended. While the company did not promise any performance improvements with the latest release of iOS, how does iOS 14 compare to iOS 13 in a speed test? Are there any performance regressions, especially on older devices?

YouTuber iAppleBytes has conducted an in-depth speed test between iOS 13.5.1 and iOS 14 beta 1 on a bunch of iPhones including the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/8, and iPhone XR. Interestingly, the speed test shows that the first beta of iOS 14 performs very similar to iOS 13.5.1 on these devices. In some cases, iOS 13.5.1 was slightly faster – for example, the original iPhone SE booted faster while running iOS 13.5.1 vs iOS 14 and there were some UI issues as well, but then the differences are not exactly massive.

One must remember that this is still the first beta of iOS 14 that we are talking about here. With subsequent beta builds, we are likely going to see some improvements in terms of performance in iOS 14 which should bring it on par with iOS 13.5.1. With iOS 14 introducing some major new features like a revamped Home Screen experience, App Library, and App Clips, it is commendable that Apple has managed to retain the same level of performance as the previous version of the OS particularly on its older devices.

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Have you installed iOS 14 beta on your iPhone? If so, have you noticed any performance regressions? Or do you think there’s not much difference in terms of performance? Drop a comment and let us know!

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