iOS 13.6 Health App Gains New ‘Symptoms’ Feature

iOS 13.6 Health App Gains New ‘Symptoms’ Feature

Apple released the iOS 13.6 beta few hours ago. The Health app on the iOS 13.6 gains a new “Symptoms” feature. The new section on Health App will let you log symptoms of various illnesses.

The new “Symptoms” section lets you choose from several illnesses like Abdominal Cramps, Body and Muscle Ache, Congestion, Constipation, and much more. Furthermore, you can add whether the Symptom is Severe, Moderate, Mild, Present, or Not Present. Each symptom is accompanied by a brief description at the bottom.

Health App users can add symptoms by selecting “Add Data.” Logging symptoms often helps Doctors when it comes to diagnoses. The logged data can also help users understand their health conditions in a much better way. Usually, Doctors ask the patient to log their symptoms in a journal, the new “Symptoms” section does exactly that.

This is not the first time the Health app has added logging options. Previously, one could log menstruation-related symptoms. The new Symptoms section covers a wide range of illnesses that can be shared with doctors. Apple added a bunch of new features in Health App on iOS 13. The app gained Cycle Tracking Feature, New Summary View, Highlights, Audiograms, and much more. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Public health authorities across the globe are using Self Assessment tests.

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The Health app makes it very easy for users to store their health records. Users can also store health records from different institutions separately. Moreover, you can also sync the Health app with fitness trackers and monitor various parameters like Steps Count, Heart Rate, Resting Calories, Sleep Analysis, and more.

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