iOS 13.6 Battery Drain Test Reveals Surprising Results

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Apple released iOS 13.6 for all compatible iPhones. The update primarily focuses on fixing some lingering bugs and also introduces some major improvements for Apple News+. What about battery life though since iOS 13.5.1 ended up introducing a major battery drain bug? Has Apple resolved that in iOS 13.6?

An extensive battery drain test conducted by YouTuber iAppleBytes across a bunch of iPhones running iOS 13.6 paints a very interesting picture. The YouTube ran the Geekbench battery test on the original iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/8, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and 2020 iPhone SE. What’s surprising is that all the iPhones registered a lower battery score in Geekbench while running iOS 13.6 than they did while running iOS 13.5.1 or even iOS 13.5. In fact, the graph comparing the battery performance of the iPhones across major iOS 13 releases starting from iOS 13.3.1 shows that their battery life has only gone down with every new update.

While there can be multiple factors at play, it cannot be ruled out that as recent iOS 13 releases have had a negative impact on battery life. There has been a spike in iPhone users reporting battery drain after recent iOS 13 updates as well, and it looks like Apple has done little to fix the issues in iOS 13.6 which is likely the last iOS 13 release from the company.

If your iPhone is facing battery drain issues on iOS 13, here are some tips to improve its battery life.

When Apple first launched the iPhone 11 series in September, it boasted about its battery life. So, it is a shame to see a decline in this regard.

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Have you seen a decline in battery life on your iPhone with recent iOS 13 releases? Or do you think it delivers the same battery life as a few months ago? Drop a comment and let us know!

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