Images of Alleged iPhone 12 Pro Prototype Shows Different Blue Colour, Internal Build of iOS 14

An early prototype of the iPhone 12 Pro has surfaced on Twitter, giving us an interesting look at a slightly different blue color of the device, as well as an internal build of iOS 14.1.

The images, shared by Guilio Zompetti on Twitter, show an early build, or rather a non-UI build of iOS 14.1. The user says that the build iPhone 12 Pro prototype is running on is the factory version of the operating system called SwitchBoard. iOS SwitchBoard is an internal application built by Apple for its employees. It’s a simple gateway to test all the functionality of the phone, for retail use, for service center use as well as corporate use.

Due to the dim light in which photos were captured, it’s hard to say if the Blue color variant shown is the same as the one that retails. Some believe that it’s a slightly darker variant of the phone. Personally, I like the color Apple has settled with.

This is not the first time an Apple device’s prototype is leaking. iPhone 7 and iPhone 8‘s prototypes have leaked in the past. There was also one another prototype leak which suggested an Apple foldable device with iPhone 11’s body and no notch.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 12 Pro prototype? Do you like the slightly darker color of the phone? Or do you like the color Apple settled with? Do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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