If This Foldable iPhone 12 Was Real, Would You Buy It?

If This Foldable iPhone 12 Was Real, Would You Buy It?

In the recent past, companies like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have come up with foldable display smartphones. Since then, every other brand is seemingly working on its very own foldable display smartphone. Thanks to a creative mind, we get to see yet another stunning foldable iPhone 12 concept.

The concept is created by ConceptsiPhone and features an iPhone 12 like device with a foldable display. It is rumoured that iPhone 12 will feature a boxy design, and the latest concept incorporates the same. The edges are squared off, and the device looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

iPhone 12 Flip Introducing Trailer 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 Flip is  HERE with Quad Camera, Innovative Flip Display, Wonderful Colors and FlipOS 14.

We can’t help but notice there is no visible crease on the concept iPhone 12 Flip. This is something we are yet to see on current generation foldable display phones. Typically, a crease appears in the middle where the displays are hinged together. We are not sure if it is possible to produce a foldable display with no crease or any type of discontinuity in between. But again, the whole point of the concept is to push limits and reimagine.

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The concept also shows off an external display that can be used to glance at notifications and is likely a touch screen. Apple has filed multiple patents with regards to foldable iPhones in the past. In 2019 Apple filed a patent that details foldable iPhone with a magnetic lock. More recently, Apple filed a patent for a foldable iPhone, and it seems to be inspired by Samsung.

Our View

We are not sure when or whether Apple will offer a foldable iPhone. At the moment, smartphones with foldable displays are facing a series of durability issues. And even if Apple decides to make an iPhone with foldable displays, it might end up being super-expensive.

What do you think of an iPhone with a foldable display? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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