How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

It’s 2020 and Apple is targeting every potential customer from $400 price tag to $1200. More consumers are migrating from Android to iPhone than ever. When switching from one OS to another, you would want to move all your contacts, messages, call logs, photos, and videos with you. Apple does offer a ‘Move to iOS’ tool but the solution might not be suited for all. One can also transfer photos using cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, or Google Photos. But it requires a stable internet connection, which might not be feasible for everyone. Enter a third-party solution called Wondershare dr.fone Phone Transfer.

Users can transfer photos from the Android phone to PC and then send them to the iPhone using iTunes. But once again, the process is time-consuming and not practical. With the dr.fone Phone Transfer tool, you can quickly transfer photos, music, videos, and other data from Android to iPhone without any data loss.

What is Wondershare dr.fone Phone Transfer? Why Should You Download It?

Wondershare dr.fone is the ultimate iOS tool kit with all the necessary functions. With Wondershare dr.fone, you can recover lost iPhone data, manage data between phone and computer, transfer social media messages, copy all data from one phone to another, etc. Let’s take an overview at all the Wondershare dr.fone software features.

Wondershare dr.fone Features 

  • Data Recovery
  • Transfer Data from Phone to PC
  • Social Media Transfer
  • Remove Screen Unlock
  • Repair iOS System
  • Copy Data From One Phone to Another
  • Backup and Restore Phone Data
  • Data Eraser
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In this post, we will cover a step by step guide on how to transfer photos from Android to iPhone using dr.fone Phone Manager. We will also talk about other features in detail. Let’s get started.

Step 1: First, you need to download the Wondershare dr.fone software.

➤ Download: Wondershare dr.fone

Step 2: Open the software and you will see a nicely laid out home screen with multiple options.

Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Phone Transfer’ menu and select the option.

Step 4: The software will open another window with a source device, target device, and the data options to start the transfer.

Step 5: Connect both your devices to the Mac/PC and dr.fone will detect the source device as well as the target device.

Step 6: Some Android phones may require you to enable USB Debugging. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the option from the Settings menu.

Step 7: Before making a transfer, do glace over the Target and Source device. If they are not detected correctly, you can reverse them using the ‘Flip’ option.

Step 8: Select the data type that you want to transfer and hit the Start Transfer button at the bottom.

Step 9: The transfer process will start and depending on the number of photos and videos you are transferring from Android to iPhone, it can take some time.

The Phone Transfer function makes it easy and quick to transfer all content from one phone to another.

dr.Fone Does A Lot More

As I mentioned, dr.Fone isn’t limited to Phone Manager. It can be your ultimate iOS toolkit with the following features.

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Data Recovery

Recently deleted a bunch of files on the phone? You can use the dr.fone’s built-in Data Recovery tool to extract the data.

Phone Manager

dr.fone’s built-in Phone Manager makes it easy for users to manage Music, Videos, Photos, Apps, and more on PC.

WhatsApp Transfer

This one can be essential for many out there. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to transfer data from iOS to Android or vice versa. With the built-in WhatsApp Transfer tool, you can transfer messages from your old Android phone to the new iPhone. Users can also perform WhatsApp chat backup for their Android device or iPhone.

Screen Unlock

Did you forget your iPhone passcode? You can unlock the iPhone or even remove the Apple ID using the Screen Unlock tool in dr.fone.

Phone Backup

Users can completely back up and restore their Android or iPhone using the Phone Backup function from the Wondershare dr.fone.

System Repair

dr.fone can fix over twenty iOS problems including blank screen, iPhone not booting up, iPhone not responding, the phone freezing up, and more.

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Data Eraser

As the name suggests, you can completely erase data on your iPhone using the Data Eraser tool from dr.fone.

dr.fone also allows you to transfer data from Android to Android. The software is available on both Windows and macOS. The whole kit is priced at $139. Based on your requirements, you can purchase different functions of the software separately.

Download Wondershare dr.fone and do give it a try. While you are at it, do let us know about your favorite feature of the dr.fone software.

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