How to listen to FM Radio on iPhone with several radio-station apps

How to listen to FM Radio on iPhone with several radio-station apps

I’m sure there are times when you are tired of listening to the same playlists over and over on your preferred music streaming app on the iPhone. Sometimes you might want to listen to local FM radio or your favorite radio channel for a change. Up until the iPhone 6s, Apple included FM radio and antennas designed to support the radio signals on iPhones, but never activated the feature in the software. This was despite the US government’s appeal to enable FM Radio on iPhones. That does not mean you cannot listen to FM radio on your iPhone though.

You can always visit the App Store and download the dedicated radio apps on your iPhone to listen to your favorite host. The App Store is filled with dozens of radio apps to meet your needs. Not every app is up to mark though which is why we have curated a list of the best FM radio apps for your iPhone below.

Listen to FM Radio on iPhone

We have hand-picked three of the best FM radio apps for you. Use any of them to listen to FM radio on the iPhone.


iHeartRadio takes the crown on our recommended list. It offers a nice visual User Interface with Radio and Podcast offerings. From the home screen, you can see live radio stations, artist radio, and browse the list with genres such as Top 40, Rock, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, and more.

You can follow a Radio artist, browse through his latest releases, and even glance over his bio. Based on your location, iHeartRadio showcases the local stations in the app. I like it as a user might give a priority local FM radio station over the national ones.

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Image Caption: iHeartRadio iOS app

iHeartRadio has got you covered on the Podcast front as well. You can FM Radio channels as well as podcasts to your library and create custom playlists for it.


iHeartRadio is free to download. The app is available only in a handful of countries such as the United States, Canada, New Zeland, Mexico, and  Australia.


TuneIn Radio

As I mentioned, one of the biggest limitations of iHeartRadio is its limited availability. TuneIn Radio is another capable app to list to FM radio on the iPhone. I like how the app displays popular stations and Podcasts in your area on the homepage. The app offers the ability to listen to Music, News, Sports, or Podcasts.

You can favorite any show or artist for easy access in the favorites menu. The player screen is fully functional here. You can forward/backward 30 seconds with one tap, Set an alarm, and even set a sleep timer to automatically turn off the player after a certain time.

TuneIn Radio iOS app


My favorite function of TuneIn Radio is car mode. You can tap on the little car icon at the upper left corner and enable car mode. It provides an easy to navigate UI specifically designed while driving.

TuneIn Radio is free to download. The free version comes with banner ads. You can remove those ads and listen to ad-free MSNBC, FOX news, and have fewer ads in more than 100K radio stations by paying $10 per month for TuneIn Radio Premium.


myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio detects your location and displays a list of Top radio stations on the home page. I like how the app lets you browse FM radio by city. You can also search your favorite channel by genre, country, or current location.

As expected, myTuner as added support for Podcasts and Music. The music player is feature packed too. You can forward/backward 15 seconds, use Siri Shortcuts to access the station with the voice assistant, use sleep timer, and more. myTuner Radio also offers equalizer support. You can tune-in to your preference.

myTune Radio iOS app

Similar to TuneIn Radio, myTuner Radio also offers Car mode for an easy to use UI when driving. myTuner Radio is free to download. However, some of the functions such as equalizer, car mode, ad-free experience come with a $7 one-time price tag.

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Use a Web Player

If your favorite FM Radio station is available online then you can use the web player to listen to FM Radio on the web. Simply visit the web URL of the station on the web browser and start listening to FM radio on the iPhone.

Listen to FM Radio on iPhone

For example, I regularly listen to RadioMirchi FM at home. While driving, I switch to its web player on iPhone to play my favorite station channels.

You can use any of the above-mentioned apps to start listening to FM Radio on the iPhone. For the majority, our recommendation stands with iHeartRadio. If it’s not available in your country then you can go with TuneIn Radio. myTune Radio is an excellent alternative for those looking for an affordable option.


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