How to Kiss a Girl And Make Her Long for More

How to Kiss a Girl And Make Her Long for More

A kiss can build or break a relationship. And it is very crucial to know how to kiss a girl before your reach for the next steps: when and where.
Kissing is an art that everyone, whether you are a boy or a girl, aspires to master. But let us tell you—like any other skill, kissing too needs to be honed and practiced before you actually earn the title of the ‘best kisser’. But all that comes later, what you need to do first is to initiate the process and, trust us, it’s not an easy thing to do, especially for a guy (although, this can be equally a challenging task for girls as well).

Here’s a guide for boys to help them master the steps of how to kiss a girl :
1. The moment
Finding the right moment is the first and most important step. No girl likes to be kissed when she is complaining about her hostel food or unburdening her sorrow of being ditched by her best friend. It is difficult to define the ‘moment’, but you will definitely get the hints when it arrives. It might happen when you two are strolling in the park or sharing a book in a silent corner of the library. It will be an easy and simple moment—there will be no rush or worry—with just the two of you.

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2. Ask for consent
Not every girl will come and ask you to kiss her (count yourself lucky if you have found a girl who tells you directly to pucker up!). It’s best to know her wish or ask for her consent before you actually kiss her. And when we say that you need her consent, we don’t mean you should blurt out the question. Create the mood, tell her how beautiful she looks, and then slowly confess how you would love to kiss her. It should be more like making a wish than posting a query.
3. Look straight into her eyes
Girls love being with guys who know what they are doing. When you look straight into her eyes, she also gets a chance to look through your eyes. This is a beautiful moment that communicates your desire or wish. You can say a million things even without uttering a single word. It also means that you are confident and know what you are doing. It may be difficult at first, but try practicing this in front of a mirror because your body language speaks volumes.
4. Use your lips and go slow
After you have crossed the first three points, it’s time to get into business. Lock your lips, and try not to get rough with your teeth or tongue. It should be slow and smooth. Instead of going for a longer duration, first, try to just touch the lips with soft and gentle strokes. Pause for a second before you kiss again. There should be a balance between total surrender and resistance. While your lips meet, make sure that you don’t exert too much force. It might be very tempting to explore more, but patience is the key here—wait, watch and initiate again. Slow, soft, and gentle does the trick.
5. The explorer
Once you have touched the ground after completing the above-mentioned step, it’s time to explore. Try touching her lips with your tongue and if she resists, withdraw slowly. Don’t just drawback suddenly because it will not only ruin the momentum but create confusion. When she resisted your tongue, it doesn’t mean you need to stop kissing her—it simply means that she does not want you to explore further. Kiss her with soft gentle strokes of your lips.

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6. Accept the pleasure of kissing
What should you do after you just finished kissing? Are you supposed to say thank you? Or pretend that it just happened? Many guys never pay heed to this until the time they arrive at this point! It may sometimes prove to be the most difficult situation. If you really enjoyed kissing, it will be a good idea to let her know. Do not hesitate to shower your honest compliments. In case, it was a disappointing experience, what should you do? Trust us, a little dishonesty doesn’t hurt. If you are a first-time kisser, contrary to what you grew up believing, chances are that it may not be the most memorable moment. But that does not mean, you will make a face and admit how bad it was! Pause, breath, and smile. And tell her how you would like to do it again. Remember, practice makes a man perfect.

Things to avoid
While the above-mentioned steps will help you master the art of kissing, there are also a few things that you should keep in mind before you start your journey. It’s ok if you are a late bloomer, but it’s not ok if you start wrong. A little preparation before you start will help you become a better kisser. Here’s what you need to avoid:
Bad breath
No one likes being kissed after you had a full meal, along with fresh salad and a generous helping of raw onions! To put it simply, your breath should smell fresh and not like you just woke up from sleep. We are not asking you to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy, but a few strong mint drops or chewing gum should do the job as well. Another trick is to carry a small bottle of mouthwash in your man purse (if you are carrying one) or a mint spray to make you kiss ready. Trust us, there is nothing as beautiful as a kiss that feels fresh!

How to kiss a girl

Keep the hulk inside
Yes, we know how the testosterone inside you will beg you to unleash the hulk and grab your lady love as you kiss her. But trust us, no girl wants to be grabbed at the wrong place while being kissed. The best way to initiate the process is by caressing and supporting the nape of her neck at the right angle. Softly place one of your hands behind her nape so that her head can rest comfortably. Just wrap your other arm gently around her waist (in case, both of you are standing). The idea is to make her feel comfortable and not overpowering. Keep calm and keep kissing!

No big wet kiss
Exchange of body fluid (and we mean only saliva!) while kissing for the first time is an absolute no. No matter how excited or eager you are, make sure that you do not end up giving her a big wet kiss that will make her run to the washroom to rinse her mouth! The best way to keep things under control is by not opening your mouth too wide. Like we said before, let your lips do the talking—in this case, the kissing!

Avoid war of the tongues
Yes, avoid the battle of the tongues, literally. Exploring is good, but that does not mean your tongue should be shoved inside her throat. Take baby steps and test the waters (and her mood) by slowly making past her lips and rubbing your tongue against her teeth. If she is ready, she will definitely give you a hint. Slowly caress her tongue with yours inviting her or seeking her permission to go beyond.

To keep or not to keep a stubble

Here’s a problem that many might have faced. Honestly, stubble might be a problem for a few, because if you are not careful, it might hurt. Also, guys who sport a beard might have to find out, in a tactful manner, if a girl prefers a bearded kiss or not. This might sound very trivial but might make a great difference to a girl. In case, if your girl happens to like clean-shaved boys, does it mean you need to do away with your beard? Not necessarily. What you can do is convince her and then ask for her opinion if she liked being kissed or not? In case she still thinks a beard or mustache is bothersome, both of you should come to an amicable solution together.

Is it a good idea to plan it?

No matter how movies or romantic novels make you believe that a kiss just happens, it is not always a good idea to wait for your luck to turn. Sometimes a little planning in advance helps a lot. How about a movie date and a late-night outing later? You never know the moment might just arrive as both of you stare at a dark sky interrupted by intermittent stars. That is the moment that novels or movies promise you about, alright, but you need a little planning to arrive there.

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