Google Maps Update Brings Support for Apple Watch, CarPlay Dashboard

Google Maps Update Brings Support for Apple Watch, CarPlay Dashboard

Apple introduced the Dashboard Mode on CarPlay in iOS 13 last year. The new version of CarPlay offered a split-screen view of a map alongside a music menu. Until now, the feature was limited to Apple Maps. Apple extended Dashboard Mode support for third-party apps with iOS 13.4. Now Google has finally implemented a split-screen interface for Google Maps in CarPlay.

Google Map supports CarPlay’s Dashboard Mode and will let you access turn-by-turn directions, music controls and other features like calendar appointments. Before this, Google Map users on CarPlay had to switch between different screens to access multiple features. Needless to say, it was very distracting while driving. Starting today, Google Maps can be accessed by CarPlay users in Dashboard Mode.

Google has also launched a new Google Maps Apple Watch app. The new app offers step-by-step directions to previously saved locations directly on the Apple Watch. Currently, Google Maps on Apple Watch supports walking, driving, biking and public transit modes. The new Google Maps app for Apple Watch is expected to be available globally in the next few weeks.

Apple extended support for third-party mapping apps on CarPlay from iOS 12. However, third-party mapping apps suffered from CarPlay bugs and didn’t work with Siri. Due to these limitations, a majority of CarPlay users stuck to Apple Maps. On iOS 13, Apple introduced Dashboard Mode for CarPlay and initially, it was available only for Apple Maps. Starting from iOS 13.4, the Dashboard Mode on CarPlay was available for third-party mapping apps.

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The CarPlay on iOS 14 has improved a lot. The CarPlay on iOS 14 gets new features like wallpaper support, new categories of app, Siri improvements and support for Chinese and Japanese keyboards.

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