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Today’s kids, tweens, teenagers, and adults are becoming more and more digitally advanced. The Majority of kids and teens have a digital device. Around 30% of kids between 3-11 years old and 70% of the tweens & teens between 12-18 years old have their mobile device. Apart from the positive effects of technologies, it often brings with it vulnerabilities and risks to children and young adults, from viewing inappropriate & irrelevant content or causing physical or mental health complications, to becoming victims of cyberbullying. 

So, to mitigate these risks parents need to use parental control apps. Parental control apps play a crucial role in protecting their kids from digital threats.  It has made parent’s lives more convenient. The parental control app is designed to monitor or track their child’s device activities, whether it’s online or offline. Many apps have unique features to monitor their device activities. Parental controls allow you to set time limits on screen, block apps & unsuitable content, record call log & history, track mobile location, etc. 

Free Parental Control Apps and its Features

There are many apps for parental control in the market. Some of them are fully paid and some also provide limited free features. So, here are the best free parental control apps for mobile devices.

    • Social media monitoring 
    • User friendly UI 
    • Monitors Calls 
    • Monitors SMS
    • Geo-fencing  
    • Location monitoring 
    • Alert System 
  • Compatibility : iOS, Android, any devices

Most of the apps only provide a parental control solution but in this app, you can not only track your kids but also can track students and employees. Parents can remotely track their kids what they have been doing on digital devices.

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Teachers can use this app to monitor their students, whether they are following their instruction or not, and using the internet for learning purposes or not. An employer can also track their employee remotely. This app provides some features like monitoring calls and messages.

Monitoring calls and SMS is a unique free feature for parents, teachers, and employers. You can monitor every call that has been made on your target device. It records the date and duration of calls. It also keeps the record of miss calls. 

Your mobile devices SMS can also be monitored through Parents, teachers, and employers can get the detailed report of each incoming or outgoing message on targeted devices. 

Google Family Link 
Google Family

    • Block Inappropriate Web content 
    • Lock devices
    • Location tracking 
    • Screen time 
  • Compatibility : Android, ioS, windows, Chromebook 

Maintaining a child’s digital life can be difficult as the digital world continues to develop at a rapid rate. The new Google Family Link, built for kids under the age of 13, can be a fantastic guide to help kids access online world security and develop better online habits. 

It’s a free parental control app by Google. It helps parents to track their child’s online activities remotely. Parents need to create a Google account for their kids and they need to sign in on the app as well. 

Parents can watch kid’s mobile device screen time activities. Parents can see the time limit history about how long their kids have been using a particular app. You will also get a detailed report of daily, weekly, or monthly screen time of app activities. 

The family link allows parents to set a timer on any apps. Parents can lock any particular apps as per their needs. It also reminds you about bedtime.  

Family Link allows parents to track their child’s apps activities. If your kid is trying to download any inappropriate apps from the Google play store, the system will notify and parents can grant access or can block those harmful apps. 

Parents can also hide their apps. Family Link also recommends an age-appropriate app for their kids. 

It also allows tracking of your child’s device. It helps to track your child’s current location.

Parents can know about what their child is searching on Google Chrome. You can enable the safe search settings through Family Link. It allows blocking explicit videos, images, or content. If your child is trying to view or search age-inappropriate content, parents can block those content.  

Screen Time

    • Screen time activities 
    • In-built iOS function 
    • Block any apps 
    • Reminder 
    • Hide apps
  • Compatibility : iOS device only 

This is an in-built app for iOS and it’s free of cost. Screen Time app helps to block or limit any particular apps on your kid’s iPhone. It’s easy to set up on both parents and kid’s devices. Here we will show you how to set up content and privacy restrictions.

  • Step 1: First, go to the iOS settings and click on the Screen Time.
  • Step 2: Enable the share across devices and you can choose your device and your child’s device.
  • Step 3: You can also use a passcode, which allows you to prevent any changes made by others.  
  • Step 4: And then, Use your Apple Id and password and make sure your kids have the same Id and iCloud.
  • Step 5: At last, you can change the settings as per your needs. 

In the same settings, you can see your kid’s phone’s daily average time. Parents can manage any app limits by setting a time and if the time is going to finish, the system will remind them of the time limits.

Parents can set a setting that their kids won’t be able to download or delete any apps. This in-built app allows parents to hide any app. If your kids. Parents can disable explicit language and web search content. You can also allow or never allow websites by adding their URLs on the settings. You can restrict many settings and can make your child’s digital life safe. 


    • Manual Block and Grant 
    • Screen time 
    • Family Locator 
    • Monitor online activities 
    • Track 1 device free subscription 
  • Compatibility : iOS and Android 

It’s also one of the best parental control apps. Ourpact is not a free app but it provides some free features and to enjoy its best features there’s a subscription plan as per unique feature. You can only track one device.

 Schedule Screen Time is a free limited feature of ourpact which is also a valuable asset for parental control. Certainly, all your rules will not be followed by your kids. 

Your child might use mobile devices while eating with the family, or while studying. So, Ourpact helps parents to set a certain screen time routine. You can set a time at any apps and the app will only work at the given time.

Parents can allow or block any app with just one button. If your child plays the game or uses particular apps excessively, you can block those apps remotely. You can Grant it later on as per your wish. But with the free features, parents can only block five apps or any five particular content


    • Web history monitoring 
    • Time Tracking
    • Apps monitoring 
    • Records of messages 
    • 9 mb free disk space 
    • 5 Free device monitoring 
  • Compatibility : Android, iOS, windows, macOS

This is a useful app for parents to know what their child’s doing online. This app lets you know each activity of mobile devices. It’s also not a free app but still, you can use its free features to monitor your child’s online activities.

In a free subscription plan, you can only track 5 target devices and can keep log history for nine days and basic tracking features for android and iOS. 

Nowadays, most children have become tech-savvy. With the internet, they can also access web search. While web surfing they can encounter harmful and unsuitable content. 

So, It tracks and records every site your kids have gone through or searched for and gives you a detailed report of that visit. Here are the free features depending on their devices. 

For Android 

  • Track each call activity.
  • Limit their device usage.
  • Block apps and messages

For iOS

  • Records every keystroke(10 days demo)
  • Take a Screenshot of every online activity (10 days demo)
  • Many users to track supports 

ScreenTime Labs
Screentime labs

    • Time limits 
    • Web history and filtering 
    • Location tracking 
    • Daily reports 
    • Tracking Social media 
  • Compatibility : Android and iOS

This app has both paid and free subscriptions. You can use a 7 days trial free version for paid features. It’s an award-winning and best free parental control app. There are so many features for free like app usage, web history, block apps, etc. You can only use it for one targeted device in free subscription

Daily Report is the best feature compared to other apps features. Parents can get daily reports of all online, calls, messages, web searches, apps activities, and games played. The daily report will be in one interface which will be easy for parents. Through this daily report, you can know what your kids are doing online or offline. 

Most of the children used social media. This feature allows parents to monitor specific apps only. Parents can track their chat and messages on social media. Even if they chat in a secret chat, parents can monitor their chat history. If kids delete messages and photos, the system will have already recorded the chat and send it to the parent’s dashboard.  

 Most of the app doesn’t provide the YouTube monitoring features. Parents can track each search query that their kids typed on YouTube and know the details of watch history. On YouTube, an inappropriate video might appear which is not good for kids. So, parents instantly block or pause those contents. 

Safe Lagoon

  • GPS tracking 
  • Instant Messaging tracking
  • Time management 
  • Monitor Social networks
  • Parental apps and web center 
  • 1 device free monitoring 
  • Compatibility :  Android, iOS, windows 

This app also has free and paid features. This app is designed for parental purposes and the main motive of this app is for every kid to have safe online activities and digital safeguards

This app has limited functionality in a  free subscription feature. Only one device can be targeted. 

Web filtering is a unique feature where the system provides an age category filtration. Viewing web content or playing gaming will differ from age groups. Parents can set an appropriate content list for their kids. So that your kids won’t access any unsuitable sites and content

This feature plays a safeguard role if any scam and phishing websites encounter child devices. Parents can switch off their internet remotely. 

It’s your personalized dashboard where you can have your kid’s device activities report. You can monitor all activities in one dashboard. Parents can also get updated information about where their kid’s device is. 

You can watch their browser history report through WebCenter. Parents can also track whom their kids are calling and messaging. If the person is from an unverified contact, simply you can block the contact or profile.


Therefore, these are the best free parental apps for phones. It’s important to make their kids safe and sound from digital threats. The best solution measure to monitor their kid’s device activities will be parental control apps. There are many social media apps where parents can set parental control without any third-party’s apps. 

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