Epic Says Apple is Removing ‘Sign in With Apple’ For Fortnite

After Apple countersued Epic Games. Now the company has tweeted that Apple will not allow Fortnite users to “Sign in with Apple” starting from September 11, 2020. The worst part is that gamers will not be able to play Fortnite on iOS even if they have it already installed. Furthermore, users stand losing their account data and the progress they have made so far.

Last year, Apple announced, Sign in With Apple. The new feature allows users to connect with their favorite app without being bothered about data security. Apple takes care of this by hiding their email from the app makers and by auto-generating a temp email. The company also ensures it doesn’t send personal information to apps. If Sign in With Apple stops working, Fortnite users will not be able to login to their account.

Thankfully Epic has outlined some steps that you need to follow to recover Fortnite account data. It includes updating your email from the temporary one to the actual one and creating a new password.

Apple is coming down heavily on Epic games ever since the spat broke out early this month. Fortnite is already banned from App Store, and Apple has already deleted Epic’s developer account. App Store rules state that Sign in with Apple option will cease to exist once the developer account is deleted. However, it has been days since Epic’s developer account is deleted, and Sign in with Apple continues to work with Fortnite.

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