Epic Games Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple, Mocks the Company’s Iconic 1984 Ad

Epic Games Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple, Mocks the Company’s Iconic 1984 Ad

Just few hours after Epic Games released an update to ‘Fortnite’ on the iOS App Store with a direct payment option, the game was removed by Apple for violating the App Store guidelines. In response, Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple.

The removal only means that Fortnite is no longer available for download from the App Store. Users who had already downloaded the latest version of Fortnite can still continue to play the game and even use Epic’s direct payment option to get V-bucks on discount.

Apple confirmed in a statement to The Verge that it was unfortunate to see Epic Games violating the App Store regulations that have been designed keeping every developer in mind. The company noted in its statement that it will work with Epic to resolve all issues so that Fortnite can be brought back to the App Store, but won’t create an exception for them.

Today, Epic Games took the unfortunate step of violating the App Store guidelines that are applied equally to every developer and designed to keep the store safe for our users. As a result their Fortnite app has been removed from the store. Epic enabled a feature in its app which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines regarding in-app payments that apply to every developer who sells digital goods or services.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple for removing ‘Fortnite’ from the App Store in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. It accuses the company of using a “series of anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices” to prevent app developers from reaching over a billion iPhone and iPad users out there. It calls the 30 percent App Store transaction fees as “oppressive” tax. With the lawsuit, Epic is seeking to end Apple’s monopoly in the “iOS App Distribution Market” and the “iOS In-App Payment Processing Market.” The company is not seeking any monetary compensation from Apple for the losses that it has suffered and it is not seeking any special exception for just itself.

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The entire lawsuit can be read by going to the link below.

As an act of possible revenge against Apple for taking down ‘Fortnite’ from the App Store, Epic Games will be premiering a short film within the game’s Party Royale mode called ‘Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite’ at 4PM ET. The company is taking a dig at Apple’s iconic 1984 ad directed by Ridley Scott.

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