Caviar Launches Cyberphone, a Cybertruck-Inspired iPhone 11

Caviar Launches Cyberphone, a Cybertruck-Inspired iPhone 11

Most of us know Caviar for its premium iPhone designs, which usually have a luxury look to them. However, the design of the new iPhone from Caviar – the Cyberphone — is altogether different than the recent offerings from the brand. The new iPhone design from Caviar is based on the iPhones 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. As the name suggests, the Cyberphone is inspired by Tesla’s recently announced electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. And only 99 of them will be made.

The Cyberphone has the same stainless-steel look to it as the Cybertruck. And to make that possible, Caviar has carved out the latest iPhone design from titanium, unlike its other modified iPhones that make use of materials like gold. The standout design element of the Cyberphone, however, is its titanium display cover, which, apart from depicting Cybertruck’s rugged build quality, protects the iPhone’s display. And you can also flip down the cover to use it as a stand.

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So, the Cyberphone not only looks good, but its design is practical as well. However, like everything good in this world, the Cyberphone isn’t cheap. It costs $5,256 if you opt for the 64GB storage variant of the iPhone 11 Pro. And goes up to a jaw-dropping $15,860 if you choose the 512GB variant of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you had the money to buy the Cyberphone, would you get one for yourself? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author: Uwem Usen

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