Broadcom Again Confirms the Delay of iPhone 12 Launch

Broadcom happens to be among the Apple suppliers to hint at a delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup this year before the Cupertino company itself confirmed that it would be launching the new iPhones a few weeks later than usual. Now, Broadcom has confirmed that the ramp-up of its annual chip shipments would be later than usual this year further hinting at the delay.

While the company did not directly name Apple, Broadcom earned about one-fifth of its revenues from Apple in 2019 so any delay here could greatly affect the company. Apple typically tends to release new iPhones towards the end of the third quarter every calendar year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, Apple has been behind on the iPhone 12 development by a few weeks which has led to a launch delay as well.

There have been rumors of Apple launching the iPhone 12 lineup in a phased manner this year, with the non-Pro models launching first followed by the Pro models. Rumors suggest Apple launching the iPhone 12 models in late September or early October followed by the iPhone 12 Pro variants launching in late October to early November. Other rumors suggest Apple will hold an iPhone launch event in mid-October and release them towards the end of the month.

[Via Reuters]

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