September 24, 2022
Barclays Analysts Claim iPhone 12 Will Not Ship With Power Adapter In the Box

Barclays analysts in their research note claim that Apple will not be building EarPods in the box with their upcoming iPhone 12 models. Bizarrely, they also claim that Apple will not include a power adapter in the box with these devices.

Multiple analysts have now claimed that Apple will not include EarPods with the iPhone 12 lineup. Reputed analyst Kuo believes that Apple will launch a new marketing campaign alongside the iPhone 12 launch to further push the sale of the AirPods. A number of Android OEMs have also stopped included wired earbuds in their retail box so this move from Apple is not going to be an odd one.

What’s going to be odd if it turns out to be true is the company not including a power adapter with the iPhone 12 lineup. As per Barclays, the iPhone 12 lineup will only ship with a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. This prediction is unlikely to be true in my opinion as it would end up offering a poor user experience for a lot of customers and Apple could be subjected to a fair amount of criticism for this. Just earlier this week, an alleged photo of the 20W USB-C power adapter that Apple will bundle with the iPhone 12 lineup had also leaked online.

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The Barclays analysts also claim that the iPhone 12 lineup is running around four to six weeks behind production compared to Apple’s typical iPhone launch schedule. Despite the delay, they expect Apple to announce the iPhone 12 lineup in September itself and then launch them in October or even November to the public. They further expect that Apple will keep the LiDAR scanner exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro lineup and use it for delivering new AR experiences.

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The analysts also claims that Apple could be working on an iPad Pro refresh for later this year, but other details on it are short. They also claim that Apple will launch the third-gen. AirPods in 2021.

[Via MacRumors]

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