Apple’s Face Mask Offers a Unique Unboxing Experience, Superior Quality and Comfort (Video)

Earlier this month, it was reported that Apple has designed custom face masks for its employees, both corporate and retail. The masks were meant only for Apple employees and are not intended to be sold to the public. That has not stopped YouTuber Unbox Therapy has managed to get his hands on one such reusable face mask from Apple.

Apple is known for its attention to detail and over-engineering its products in many ways. The packaging of Apple’s reusable face mask is also similar to that, with every box having its own serial number as well. The unboxing experience is also unlike any other face mask that you have used so far. Every box of reusable face mask that Apple employees receive will contain five masks in different sizes along with instructions on how to use them. Every mask is meant to be used five times for up to eight hours at a stretch after which Apple recommends washing it.

The video clearly shows that Apple’s mask is made of three pieces of high-quality fabric and its design is more structured compared to your typical surgical mask. The face mask also feels more structured and it has been designed in such a way that it will not fog up your glasses. It also comes with adjustable ear strings that makes them more comfortable than other face masks in the market. There’s also a clasp in the box so that one can put the strings behind their head instead of their ears.

Given how uncomfortable most of the face masks are, one can only wish that Apple also sold its reusable face masks to consumers.

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