Apple Will Now Give Customers an Entire Year to Buy AppleCare+ for New iPhones, Macs

Apple Will Now Give Customers an Entire Year to Buy AppleCare+ for New iPhones, Macs

Apple is now allowing customers to subscribe to AppleCare+ for their products within a year of purchasing it in the United States and Canada. Up until now, Apple offered customers a 60-day window for buying AppleCare+ for their new products.

Due to a slowdown in sales and warranty extensions thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Apple has decided to increase this window to a year thereby providing customers with more time to get AppleCare+ for their device. However, the offer is only available for customers who pay for their AppleCare+ subscription in full or subscribe to it via installments using the Apple Card. Customers will have to get their device screened from an Apple retail employee to ensure it is not already damaged before they can buy and activate AppleCare+ for their device though.

Under AppleCare+, Apple covers accidental damages for a small deductible and extends the warranty of your device by another year or two. The coverage will include up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. For iPhones, users will have to pay Apple $29 for a screen replacement and $99 for any other damage under AppleCare+. For iPad, this deductible is $49, while for Macs, this is $99 for screen or enclosure damage and $299 for any other damage.

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AppleCare+ is only available in the United States and Canada. It is different from AppleCare which just extends the warranty of Apple products by a year or two but does not include any accidental damage coverage.

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Tim Cook had previously said that AppleCare sales have been impacted due to the ongoing pandemic. Given that there’s a cash crunch for most people right now, it is likely that they cannot afford to buy AppleCare+ for their recently purchased Apple product within 60 days. Thus, this extension from Apple makes a lot of sense in that regard.

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