Apple Watch Series 7 X-Ray Wallpapers Show What’s Inside the Wearable

Apple Watch Series 7 wearers can now get their hands on iFixit’s latest X-ray wallpapers for the wearable. These wallpapers deliver an excellent effect as though you are looking through the screen and into the watch’s internals.

The fine folk at iFixit have released their new X-ray and see-through wallpapers for the 41mm variant as well as the 45mm variant of the Apple Watch Series 7. These wallpapers are about as close as you can get to seeing your wearable’s internals without visiting an Apple Service facility or using an X-ray machine yourself.

iFixit’s comments accompanying the wallpapers draw your attention to the sheer density of components with not a square millimeter wasted. “Perfection is attained… when there are no more things to remove.” The company also credited the three former Apple engineers who helped assemble the Apple Watch Series 7 teardown and put the noteworthy changes into context.

“It seems that Apple Watch perfection is attained not when there are no more components to add, but when there are no more things to remove. On the Series 7, Apple didn’t launch a radical redesign, but instead removed a diagnostic port, consolidated display technology to remove a display cable, and made yet more room for battery power.”

You will need to change our watch faces to use these wallpapers, but they can surely double up as a conversation starter because they are unique and cool.

Download Apple Watch Series 7 Wallpapers Here

You can always use these wallpapers with other variations of the Apple Watch or any other wearable you have, provided you don’t mind the anatomical inaccuracy.

[Via iFixit]

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