Apple Watch Series 6 to Come with Pulse Oximeter for Blood Oxygen Monitoring, S6 Chip, More

Apple Watch Series 6 to Come with Pulse Oximeter for Blood Oxygen Monitoring, S6 Chip, More

new leak related to the Apple Watch Series 6 points to the wearable offering sleep tracking, longer battery life, and coming with Apple’s newest S6 SoC. The leak comes from a relatively new source, though the leak was confirmed to be real by YouTuber Jon Prosser who has recently leaked plenty of information related to the iPhone 12 and the iPhone SE before its launch.

The next Apple Watch could also feature Pulse Oximeter that should allow it to monitor blood oxygen levels. Fitbit already includes a SpO2 monitor on some of its wearables that allows it to monitor the blood oxygen level of its users. Most of these features of the Apple Watch Series 6 have been leaked previously as well. As for the new S6 SoC, it should bring battery life and performance improvements which are always welcome for a wearable. The battery life improvements would be especially welcome since the Apple Watch Series 5 took a hit on battery life due to the introduction of Always-on Display.

What’s new here is that the leak claims the upcoming Apple wearable will feature Mental Health Abromalities Detection. It is unclear how this feature will work and on what basis Apple will detect if a user has mental health issues or not. It is possible that the leak is referring to panic attack detection, a feature that has been rumored to come to Apple Watch this year.

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Our Take

The Apple Watch Series 4 was a massive update that was announced by the Cupertino company in 2018. For 2019, the company only added Always-On Display to the Apple Watch Series 5 and did not make any other improvements to it. So, it makes sense that the Apple Watch Series 6 is shaping up to be a major upgrade. Apple has been focusing heavily on the health tracking aspect with its wearable so the new features would be a welcome addition.

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