Apple Watch ECG App Saves a Man’s Life by Warning about Impending Heart Complications

Apple Watch ECG App Saves a Man’s Life by Warning about Impending Heart Complications

We have heard umpteen stories of how Apple Watch has saved lives. It is exciting to see new tech help us keep a better track of health and diagnose impending problems. The man wrote on Reddit and explained how the ECG app helped in diagnosing other life-threatening problems that needed immediate attention.

Paul Harrison recalls how he had been healthy and was training for an upcoming marathon. Paul experienced heart palpitations that refused to stop and he took the help of Apple Watch to see what is wrong. It is worth noting that it has been only a week since the ECG app is available on Apple Watch in the U.K.

On the 5th of April, I was getting palpitations all of a sudden which didn’t seem to stop. While wearing my Apple Watch series 4 which had just had the ECG function just released a week before i thought I would use it just to see what was happen when it flagged up with an atrial fibrillation warning it made me more concerned with what was happening.

Harrison decided to seek medical attention after the Apple Watch alerted him of atrial fibrillation. After consultation and a series of blood test, it was decided that he needed open heart surgery and the same is scheduled on 3rd of July.

With a series of events which ended up with me in accident and emergency that evening to being told that I shouldn’t do the marathon which was only 10 days away just on a precaution to now 2 and a half months later after a series of tests being told I need to have a valve repair surgery via open heart surgery sooner rather than later which is currently booked for Wednesday 3rd of July.

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Harrison also mentioned how he would have ignored this issue if not for the Apple Watch’s ECG function. In which case, he would have gone ahead with the marathon and it would have resulted in a fatality. As of now, the ECG feature is supported in select countries. Do you use Apple Watch as a health monitoring device? Let us know in the comments below.

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