Apple Watch Comes to the Rescue, Saves 92-Year Old Man’s Life after Fall from a Ladder

Apple Watch Comes to the Rescue, Saves 92-Year Old Man’s Life after Fall from a Ladder

We have read about several instances wherein Apple Watch has saved lives. In some cases, the Apple Watch alerted users about impending health conditions, alerted emergency services after a fatal accident, and more. Jim Salsman, a 92-year old farmer from Omaha, Nebraska fell from his ladder. The 21-feet plunge would have been life-threatening if Apple Watch had not come to the rescue.

Salsman apparently climbed the latter to “secure a grain bin from pigeons.” All was well until a strong gust of wind pushed his ladder.  Salsman says “It was just a dumb stupid mistake on my part.” After the incident, he was in a lot of pain and he tried to reach out to his truck by rolling. Unfortunately, the truck was far away and he couldn’t reach it.

Then suddenly Salsman thought of using Siri. He didn’t know that Apple Watch fall detection would have already sent an alert to emergency services and contact along with the GPS coordinates.

I talked into it, “Hey Siri Jim Salsman, hurt bad on the farm,” he said. What Salsman didn’t realize is that the device, equipped with a fall alert system, had already sent an alert to the Grant Volunteer Fire Department. They responded that they were on their way and found Salsman using GPS.- Jim Salsman

Thankfully, the Grant Volunteer Fire Department swung into action and took Salsman to the hospital. He was then treated for a broken hip and other fractures. Salsman is still recovering at a rehabilitation facility in Nebraska. Salsman’s son, Ron says that the old man is tough and has faced a lot of adversity.


They’ve lived through droughts and blizzards, and getting cattle in the middle of the night in cold winter weather, so they just had to deal with a lot of adversity over time. And it just becomes a part of them I think,” – Ron Salsman

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Fall detection is a super useful feature that is present on Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5. Please note that fall-detection is not turned on by default and it needs to be activated manually.

[via KETV]

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