Apple TV+ to Offer Bonus AR Content From Next Year

Apple is reportedly planning on adding bonus AR content to selected content on Apple TV+ so as to attract new subscribers.

Apple will reportedly make certain elements of a TV show available via AR which would help with the overall wow factor of the service as well as the show that uses this technology. It would be available via the Apple TV app on the iPhone or iPad.

In the new feature, elements of a TV show, like characters or objects, would be displayed on a viewer’s phone or tablet and integrated into the surrounding environment. For example, someone watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show “For All Mankind” might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their device’s display, seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table.

Apple is expected to debut AR content on the Apple TV+ next year ahead of the debut of its AR/VR headset in 2022. The company had initially planned on releasing AR content on Apple TV+ this year but the launch has now been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. By offering such bonus content, Apple is looking to add more value to Apple TV+ and bring more subscribers onboard. No other streaming service currently offer AR content on their platform as bonus content so this move will help Apple differentiate itself from the rest.

The report also sheds some light on Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset for 2020. The company is focusing on gaming, video consumption, and virtual meetings with the headset.

Apple TV+ has not really had an impressive lineup of content compared to Netflix and Prime Video. Do you think you will stick to the streaming service for the bonus VR content? Or do you think this will just be a gimmicky offering from the company?

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